Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course

ExamSpeak is an award winning Spoken English Course which helps you to communicate in English. It allows you to practise speaking and taking part in an English conversation when you want.

Our Spoken English Course is designed for beginner and elementary learners of English. It follows the requirements of the University of Cambridge Key English Test.

Our Spoken English Course is designed to help you to respond to questions asking for simple information about yourself.

You will practise:

  • Giving your name
  • Saying where you are from
  • Talking about your job or your studies
  • Giving information about your family
  • Giving information about your hometown
  • Giving information about your hobbies
  • Talking about your likes and dislikes


You take part in a simple role play where you:

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Exchange information based on information you are given

ExamSpeak’s Spoken English Course will help you prepare for real-life situations. It will give you confidence in your ability to communicate in English and help you to get good results in the Key English Test.

And it’s a really enjoyable way to learn!